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Riyadh - An Nakheel


652 sqm



Step into the epitome of refined luxury with our contemporary interior design project in the prestigious Al Nakheel, Riyadh.

This opulent villa boasts a rich and inviting color palette, featuring warm tones such as taupe, russet brown, and off whites. Our design approach focuses on creating a serene and sophisticated environment that seamlessly blends modernity with timeless elegance.

The interior design is defined by a warm and welcoming color palette. Taupe and russet brown provide a sense of coziness, while off whites add an airy, sophisticated touch. Our design combines contemporary aesthetics with classic elements to create a timeless sense of luxury. Rich textures and diamond patterns in upholstery, and furnishings elevate the sensory experience, providing both comfort and visual appeal. The selection of artwork and decorative elements enhances the villa's ambiance, with each piece carefully chosen to complement the warm color scheme.

Project Gallery

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