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Riyadh - Qurtubah


180 sqm



An Interior design project of a luxurious haven of warmth and mystery in Qurtubah, Riyadh.

This interior design project stands as a testament to the art of creating spaces that are simultaneously warm, cozy, and steeped in an alluring sense of mystery. The color palette, materials, and textures chosen for this project come together to imbue the interior with an unmistakable air of luxury and comfort.


Wood, the timeless element of warmth and character, is thoughtfully integrated throughout the space. It graces floors, ceilings, and furniture, infusing every nook and cranny with a sense of natural coziness. The tactile quality of wood, combined with its earthy tones, serves as the foundation upon which the entire design concept is built.


Grey, a color that exudes sophistication and tranquility, is employed strategically to complement the wood's warmth. It forms the backdrop against which the other elements shine, creating a neutral canvas that allows the design to breathe. The careful selection of grey shades ensures that the atmosphere remains inviting and elegant.


Introducing an unexpected yet captivating twist to the color scheme, brown-orange fabrics emerge as accents that infuse the space with depth and a touch of mystery. These warm, earthy tones serve as points of intrigue, creating focal areas that draw the eye and encourage exploration. Whether in the form of plush sofas, drapery, or decorative accessories, brown-orange fabrics add a layer of opulence.


Natural stones, with their tactile surfaces and elegant hues, play a pivotal role in amplifying the enigmatic ambiance. They manifest as textured accent walls, sleek countertops, and even flooring, offering moments of sensory delight that underscore the project's commitment to luxury and comfort.


In this interior design project in Qurtubah, Riyadh, the atmosphere is one of intrigue, inviting residents and guests alike to explore its depths. It's a haven where luxury and comfort coexist seamlessly, creating an exceptional retreat for those who appreciate the art of design

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