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Dubai - Maritime City


170 sqm



Timeless elegance with a neoclassical flair in this interior design project in the new Anwa Tower, Dubai.

Perched within the magnificent New Anwa Tower in the heart of Dubai, this interior design project is a testament to timeless elegance with a nod to neoclassical grandeur. A light and neutral color palette serve as the backdrop for opulent neoclassical elements, including wall frame moldings and glittering crystal chandeliers, creating a space that is both sophisticated and inviting.


The color palette is a symphony of soft, neutral tones that bathe the interior in an ethereal and serene ambiance. Ivory, beige, and light gray hues dominate, allowing natural light to dance gracefully throughout the space. These colors evoke a sense of tranquility and open up the room, creating an environment that feels both spacious and inviting.


Neoclassical elements take center stage in this design, infusing the space with a sense of timeless grandeur. Wall frame moldings adorn the walls, adding depth and architectural interest. These ornate details serve as a nod to classical art and architecture, underscoring the project's commitment to sophistication.


Crystal chandeliers, with their dazzling brilliance, provide a luxurious focal point in key areas of the interior. Whether gracing the grand foyer, dining room, or living spaces, these chandeliers capture and refract light, creating a captivating play of illumination. Their presence elevates the atmosphere, adding a touch of opulence to every moment spent within the space.


Every element in this interior design project in the New Anwa Tower is meticulously curated to create a harmonious balance between classical opulence and modern comfort. The neoclassical wall moldings and crystal chandeliers are expertly integrated into the light and neutral color palette, resulting in a space that is both inviting and resplendent. It's a haven of timeless elegance where every detail is designed to elevate the living experience in the heart of Dubai's iconic skyline.

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